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transportation policy

(excerpted from the employee handbook)

  1. All bus drivers must obtain the proper license before driving any center vehicle. A FIRST AID KIT and a FIRE EXTINGUISHER must be present in each bus before it leaves the center.
  2. CHILDREN ARE NEVER TO BE LEFT UNATTENDED ON THE VEHICLE! EVERY CHILD MUST BE IN A SEAT AND BUCKLED BEFORE THE BUS MOVES! Assist each child in and out of the bus to avoid falls. If you are picking children up from elementary school and a child has not come to the bus, signal someone in charge at the school and ask them to check for the child. Tell that person you are not allowed to leave your children on the bus. It is the elementary school’s responsibility to make sure their children are escorted safely to our transportation. If in an emergency you must leave the bus, help the children off the bus calmly and form a human chain with each child holding hands. Keep the children with you at all times.
  3. In the event of an accident or a vehicle break down and when the children would not be safe remaining in the vehicle while waiting for help, calmly assist the children off the bus to a safe area away from the road. Signal for help immediately. Always remain with your children.
  4. You must complete the Transportation Check List (head counts) and the Transportation Children’s Information Form and have the forms in the bus at all times. The staff person in charge must also have the required medical information on each child in the bus.
  5. Trash must be removed after every trip. Check for children’s belongings. When the driver’s seat is empty, the parking brakes must be engaged, transmission in park, the ignition turned off and the keys removed. Never leave the bus motor on without a driver in the seat. Lock the bus after each trip.


  • Check first to ensure that there are no children left on the bus.
  • Contact the director when you arrive so that she may check the bus immediately upon arrival to see that no children are on the bus. The director must then sign the transportation book.

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