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safety & security policy

At Color Us Kids, our highest priority at all times is the safety and well being of the children in our care. Below are some of the security measures that we have taken to ensure their safety and protection.

secure entrances

Our doors remain locked at all times with a keypad entry. There is an additional keypad at the front desk for signing children in and out.

monitored classrooms

Our facilities are equipped with closed-circuit cameras in each classroom and an observation window on each classroom door. Telephones in each classroom allow parents to speak to teachers at any time, but the teachers can only dial “911” from these phones. Because of our open-door policy, parents can visit classrooms at any time.

release of child to others

Color Us Kids must have specific authorization from the parent or guardian to release a child to anyone other than those listed on the child’s enrollment form. Proper identification MUST be obtained before the child will be released. If there is ANY question, the child will not be released and the parent or guardian will be contacted immediately. Parents are asked to make certain that the staff is aware of the child’s arrival and departure. Parents must escort their child(ren) into or out of the center when picking up or dropping off. Color Us Kids will not allow any child to enter or leave without an adult escort.


All employees of Color Us Kids Learning Center are subject to a criminal background check and must provide a ten year work history prior to employment.

Administrators and caregiver staff are required to complete and maintain current C.P.R. and First Aid Training. During the first year of employment, administrators and caregiver staff must also complete training in the following:

  • Disease control, cleanliness, basic hygiene, illness detection, illness disposition or childhood injury control.
  • Identifying, reporting and meeting the needs or abused, neglected, or deprived children.
  • Safety and injury prevention

Additionally, caregiver staff must complete at least ten (10) clock hours of approved training in child care issues every year.


Our building was designed with a covered portico for your convenience during inclement weather. One-direction traffic is allowed through the portico only.


Color Us Kids provides transportation to and from the elementary schools in the area and for scheduled field trips. For the safety of all children, we have implemented a transportation policy. It is very important that parents of school age children are aware of their responsibility to immediately notify the center when there is a change in their child’s daily transportation schedule.

fire & emergency

Our center is completely equipped with sprinklers, an electronically monitored fire alarm system, a security alarm system, and emergency exit lights over each exit door. Each room has a posted emergency evacuation plan and diagram. Safety is emphasized regularly in all classrooms and during our staff meetings. Fire and emergency evacuation drills are conducted periodically. In the unlikely event that the center is severely damaged and considered unsafe, plans have been made to evacuate the Carrollton location to Carrollton Elementary School and the Douglasville location to the New Georgia Public Library. Should an emergency occur, the Director will attempt to notify parents and post a notice at the center.

All staff members are trained in C.P.R. and First Aid. In case of emergency, we will notify you and/or your physician immediately. If you are unavailable we will notify the person(s) listed on your child’s enrollment application. First aid will be administered immediately, if necessary. We have made emergency arrangements with Tanner Hospital for the Carrollton location and with Wellstar Paulding Hospital for the Douglasville location.

administration of medicine

Medicine can only be administered to a child upon written authorization by the parents or guardian using the standard Color Us Kids medication form. In each case, the parent or guardian must complete, sign, and date the form and deliver it, along with the medicine labels, to the Director. Medicine forms must be filled out weekly. Our staff performs three separate checks before dispensing medication to ensure that the correct medication and dosage are given to the correct child. No medications are kept in the classroom, including medications for teachers. Medications are kept in the office medicine cabinet or kitchen refrigerator.

State Law requires that all medicine must be:

  • In the original container,
  • Clearly labeled with the name of the medicine,
  • Clearly labeled with the child’s name,
  • Labeled with a prescription number,
  • Clearly labeled with the dosage to be administered,
  • Clearly labeled with the date.

illness and disease Control

We take every precaution to safeguard your child against illness. (Review our Sanitary Procedure and Disease Control Policy) However, most children experience a normal number of infections. In the event that a child displays symptoms of illness, we remove the child from the classroom and keep him/her in the office until a parent or guardian can pick him/her up.

If a child appears ill, has a high fever (100+), is vomiting, or shows evidence of a communicable disease, we ask that parents do not bring him/her to the center. This requirement is imposed by Color Us Kids for the protection of all of the children at the center. Children must be without fever for 12 to 24 hours without the use of Tylenol, etc. before returning.

Parents are notified if a communicable disease is introduced into the center. Likewise, we require that parents notify the center immediately if their child contracts a communicable disease. Children with such a disease cannot attend the center and will not be re-admitted without written permission from a physician.

Color Us Kids Learning Center is licensed and inspected by the state of Georgia and meets all health and safety standards.

For more information, please contact the nearest Color Us Kids location.

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